As a Jays fan, I'm thrilled George is with us. I knew of him with the Astros but since he's come here he's become my favourite player. His love for what he does, his joy in playing the game is so infectious and inspiring - and that's even before you factor in what he's had to overcome.

The world is just much better with George in it.

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Great article! On the field, Springer is probably my favorite non-Royal of the last decade or so. I knew it was a pipe dream that would never happen, but I always wanted to see him in Royal blue. At least I've gotten to see him play at the K a couple of times, once with Houston (2017, the Royals walked off the Astros in probably the best game I've ever seen live, but hey, the Astros went on to win the WS, so I think it's cool) and once with Toronto (the Jays dominated a very bad Royals team last year).

All that said, and this may come as a surprise since you've read my stuff and know it tends to be on the deeper dive side of things, I'd never really looked into his personal backstory. Had no idea he had a stutter. I'll have to share this story with my wife. She's moderately interested in baseball, but as a speech language pathologist, this is right up her alley.

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