Awesome! It wasn't cool to like Disco back in the day. Until everybody started playing it.😀 Surprisingly bands that wouldn't be caught dead near a disco ball jumped on the band wagon eventually. Some strictly tongue in cheek. Some with no tongue. (Zappa, Kiss, Rod Stewart, Steppenwolf, ELO, Rush, Uriah Heep, Bad Company...and everyone else in the 70's and 80's). Thanks again, Brad, for the memories!

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"This/is our fork in the road/love's last episode...."

That opening line hooked me and made me a lifelong devotee of Bell and The Spinners.

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Wonderful history... what you wrote about is new to me and I love the background!

I am one of the few in the world that will admit to 2 things that most do not. 1. My mom and dad paid for my college. 2. I liked Disco.

I was teaching 6th grade at the time, the kids had energy, songs were lively, Vietnam was over... it allowed you to ignore the high inflation with gas approaching $1 per gallon.

My direction of Disco took a different path than yours or at least what you wrote about (which is fabulous). I went down the Munich Sound path which in turn, launched me into Donna Summer, The Silver Convention, Arabesque, The Tender Aggression, et al.

You astutely expanded on the beat which was the gold mine for music at this time for all music outside of CW Mc Call’s ‘ Convoy’. To me, this was the BEST time for music. Think about it... you have a goofy stupid song like “Convoy” out at the same time as ‘Saturday Night’ by The Bay City Rollers, and’Fly Robin Fly’ by The Silver Convention. They were all competing on the same chart!!!

If you’re at a bar, night club, or some other night spot with music closer to 11 than 5 on the volume knob... ’YMCA’ from The Village People starts to play. It may be the only time of the night those couples who have stuck it out for 45 years SMILE at each other, start a smirky grin, tap the table, mouth the lyrics and bust into forming badly shaped letters over your head.

Are you going to find that at a Toby Keith song, I don’t think Celine brings that out of people, or Lee Greenwood. Yet, all those who like these just mentioned artists like’YMCA’... even today 45 years after it was released.

This timeframe was critical... music was in a monumental transition. Punk was blending into New Wave, Country had divided (Country Rock and Outlaw Country, and standard Country), Roxy Music reformed themselves releasing ‘Manifesto’ album with “Dance Away” a disco infused song saved the Band. This was a fun time... no wars, I started what is called today ‘FANTASY FOOTBALL’ with my dad and his friends, a show about Dallas is on TV. The only thing bad during this time was serial killers were in the Headlines and a hostage crisis would happen not knowing how it would affect our lives today.

If we didn’t have Disco we wouldn’t have the music we have today.

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