Definitely elements of proto-punk here, Brad, and plenty of other influences. I'm currently going through the full album, which I found here:


I can see a strong Beatles influence (because of course), but also a little of that folk you spoke about, along with maybe early prog influences, maybe? It's a pretty wide range, like so many of these bands during the late 70s that defied easy categorization.

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Dave Nazworthy (aka “Dave Naz”) also played with Chemical People and in Down By Law with Dave Smalley. Smalley was in All with Karl Alvarez and Bill Stephenson, who as mentioned, were also in seminal band The Descendents.


I got to meet Stephenson after an All show in the early 90s. He was unfailingly polite and patient both.

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Little know tidbit...Joe was a singer for Black Flag for a couple of weeks in the Church days.

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Another gem of a band you’ve rescued from some obscurity, Brad!! Backstories like this are just the best!!

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