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I loved reading this interview (and the buff and wax job you added Mr. Kyle)! Perspex Island is probably the most-played RH album of his in my collection of most of them. He's got a lot and a lot of them are quite excellent. I've seen him live at least a half-dozen times (probably 10) and he's one of my favorite performers. It's like going to a music/stand-up comedy show every time.

1991 was, for me, one of those formative years in terms of seeking music to soundtrack my post-college out-on-my-own-in-a-new-city life. And Perspex Island was exactly what I needed to hear.

Don't know why, but reading the interview made me think of the band Grandaddy (who I wrote about in my recent "Family" band piece: https://earworm.substack.com/p/recowmendations-july-2023-6-musical), and their album Just Like the Fambly Cat.

This also reminds me of when I went to see Jason Lytle, the singer/pianist for Grandaddy, play at a club in San Francisco about 8 years ago. The event, unbeknownst to me, was a fundraiser for a senior dog rescue that I volunteered for. Jason's senior pup has passed several months prior and he wrote a 16-minute suite honoring him, which he played live at the show -- and was a "free" gift for anyone who donated money to the organization.

As you know, I'm a sucker for the dog and cat lovers of the music world! I'm assuming that Robyn, minutes after the interview ended was godsmackedly in love with the new feline fambly member.

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This is great! So glad there is Robyn Hitchcock!

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Great interview. I love Robyn, but for me Perspex Island was his last consistently great record. (Then again, I also love Globe of Frogs, and was kind of surprised to read his thoughts here on that one!)

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