May 28, 2023Liked by Brad Kyle

Yes I also saw them recently minus Jason. Of course I missed his voice in the songs. I’m just so sad that things haven’t turned out peacefully for them bc they all seem like great blokes and shared so much together. Anyway the other boys did an awesome job and I loved every minute of the show. They sang all their hits and I sang every word of every song. It took me back 20 years when I was totally goo gaa for them.

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Dec 9, 2022·edited Dec 9, 2022Liked by Brad Kyle

Found myself here after some nostalgic googling. My wife and I saw Taxiride play last weekend, sadly minus Jason Singh. Seems there’s trouble in pop-rock paradise, with a trademark dispute between Singh and the two Tims.


The 1-down Taxiride put on a cracking show, but the rearranged harmonies were just a bit off for lack of a fourth voice.

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