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Saw Billy play in a tiny club in New Orleans right around 2017-2018 when he was starting to really blow up. So amazing to watch him play.

For a heartwarming Billy story, check this out. He found his (biological) dad's long-lost guitar up for sale online and went to great lengths to get it back. https://umgf.com/f-s-1993-c-f-martin-d-93-guitar-back-where-it-belo-t94334.html

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He is coming to Norfolk, Va on July 19th...and I’m going!!! Cannot wait! (My amazing husband bought me an early 18 year wedding anniversary present) So amazing to read a great article about a new-to-me artist who I am now a HUGE fan of!!!! Life is good 😊

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Listening to Fire Line...wow!!! Thanks for giving me more new music to love!!!!

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Love the grass of blue

love a lass so true

Love ice cream and pie

I know you are,

But what am I

Enough of that silliness. Never heard of Billy before, but I love him too. The Led Zep song was pretty awesome. Will have to put him on my spotify radar. When did you first hear about Billy Strings?

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Love this celebration of Billie’s music and talent. He is one of the young musicians saving Nashville currently from delusional irrelevance. With those like Tyler Childers, Whiskey Meyers, and Colter Wall they are saving Nashville and modern American music.


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I've been following Billy Strings for a few years now -- thanks originally to the YouTube algorithm! -- and was awed from the start. I never wrote about him yet as his songs were/are less earwormy (to my ears) but glad you did! And that it stemmed from him being a new discovery for you. I discovered Molly Tuttle similarly, and she is, in a way, the female Billy Strings, but really her own unique brilliant instrumentalist and songwriter. She's more impressive live than on record (to me) so check out many great concert clips online....

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