Brad, thanks for the opportunity! This was really fun. I hope a few of you enjoy some of these picks. Punk isn't for everyone, but there's a wide range of styles out there. I wanted to showcase a little of that today.

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Aug 30Liked by Brad Kyle, Andrew Smith

Good short list; accessible put still not the obvious go-tos by any of those bands. I remember how side A of 'Plastic Surgery Disasters' spooked and thrilled me when I first heard it at 13, particularly 'Well Paid Scientist'. Stranger and more frightening than the metal I was already listening to, even though I was into like, W.AS.P. and King Diamond. To this day, I don't really listen to much Dead Kennedys, but I'll throw down that triple-combo starting at 'Terminal Preppie". I'm in Canada, so I can't listen to that longer list, but I'm certain it's a good one.

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Old School Punk and dachshunds!! And I saw the Death’s progeny recently! Rough Francis!! You’ll never see a sweeter more humbled punk band live!!

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