Lot's of grizzle for the mill here! A lot of unique covers which I hadn't heard before. On first listen I liked Russ Ballard's "You Can Do Magic" best and then I looked him up and saw that he wrote the friggin' thing! No wonder. So clearly I listened to it before reading your words, as I am forgetful but thankful not that forgetful (yet). Wait, what was I saying?

I was gonna say, I do really like Lowland Hum, but I will say I much prefer this version of "Strange Magic" by Reina Del Cid.


In fact, Reina and her super talented youngster friends do lots of amazing covers on her channel (I got lost in a wormhole for days last year but thankfully the only disease I caught were earworms).

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Tricks are for kids, but Magic, ah...

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