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Hi Brad

Wow an interesting read and how fabulous is Louise’s podcasts.

I’m a huge fan and campaigner of David Cassidy and my group is continually trying to get David more recognition for his talent . Our latest campaign is to get David on the Music Walk of Fame in Camden, London ,

David made a huge impact in London at the beginning on the 70s and through to the naughties…

Please May I ask you to say a few lines to his fans about getting David more recognition and help support our campaign by signing the petition we are currently working on


The campaign is gaining momentum and has been supported by many of David’s fans and work colleagues.

Thanks once again

Sharron Liddle

DC Facebook Group Great Britain

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Do you think that David should be nominated for induction into TRRHOF?? I know that there is a large campaign underway to send letters to the committee in this effort. David is an icon of the music industry!

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Such an interesting and inspiring read. You made me feel as though David Cassidy could be rediscovered without the teen idol noose around him throat. That would the best gift we could give David and his legacy. I have been trying to make that happen with my organization Help Save The Music, which is focusing on rekindling DC's music and albums. If you ever want to collaborate on making that happen contact me at correllj@purdue.edu.

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This definitely has me curious about the Bruce Johnston-produced record and I will track that down now!

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