Interestingly (or not) I saw 24-7 Spyz at a show in Portland. '90? '91? It was a rescheduled date, and if memory serves, there were maybe 25 people there. The still put on a great show, though.

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You were right Brad, I was sold at, "he wrote songs with Brian Wilson"! Having enjoyed 'Along Comes Mary', I tried Tandyn Almer (who I'd never heard of)'s one album on Spotify, and there are some more pop gems on there, I particularly like 'About Where Love Is'.

This has just made me more determined though to reciprocally introduce you to some of the more obscure stuff I love, by getting you to sign up to my music themed novel at challenge69.substack.com As a sampler here's a 'Lost Singles '78 to '81' playlist I pulled together for the latest chapter, enjoy!


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Oct 27, 2022Liked by Brad Kyle

along comes mary by Peter Stampfel on peter stampfel's 20th century in 100 songs. try that !

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