Ha! These are great, and certainly unexpected. It's awesome to hear first-hand stories around some of the songs I grew up with, Brad. Very cool and fun!

It's also neat to see how different (but interesting) our brains are!

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“Like Taylor Dane but less powerful.” Oh Andrew. 🤣

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Sep 8Liked by Brad Kyle, Andrew Smith

Really enjoyed this. Andrew’s first song and its backstory are very moving. And I can certainly relate to Andrew’s feeling of trying to understand where you coming from with your song choices and just generally this feeling of trying to catch up with your rhythm, Brad. Reminded me of when I played Tune Tag with you. Because we ain’t gonna lie, Brad: playing this game with you, with the music encyclopedia you carry above your neck, is no easy task!! 😅 So well done Andrew, because I for one know it’s not easy!

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