Great piece as always! Interesting how volatile the post-band future for some artists can be. Some achieve even greater success (on a commercial and creative level) whereas some never manage to match the heights of the bands they left behind. I’ve often wondered whether this is due to talent, luck, synchronicity with the times, or a combination of these (and more).

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You set us up to believe that Eric Carmen was a possible replacement for Gabriel in Genesis! Ha, now that's a perfect use for AI, if ever there was one!

As a fellow lover of the leisure water-vessel music, I appreciate this "part 2" post. Count me as one who did not know Sutherland Bros. & Quiver. and Bruce Thomas was in the band? That was the mind-blown factoid for me. 🤯

Lastly, "Bad Time" is one of my all-time favorite songs. I will admit, though, to preferring The Jayhawks version of it.


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My teenage son is autistic and one day I overheard him singing "All By Myself" in the shower. Not surprisingly, I talked with him later, concerned he was having a tough period and that was why he was singing the song that he told me was one of his favorites.

But he didn't see the song as down or bittersweet at all. He told me it was a very optimistic song, which is why he loved it. "He singing that he has been by himself, but he doesn't want to be anymore. He's deciding to go out and make friends and so it's inspirational!"

It's not at all the take I would have had on the song. But if it makes him happy.

BTW, I am a sucker for Camen's much less-loved "Boats Against The Current" album, which includes "She Did It" and "Marathon Man."

I followed Carmen for a long time on Twitter, but his is one of those people whose brains seemed to break a bit during the pandemic. He became pretty extreme and eventually deleted his account entirely.

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Another excellently crafted list of musicians and musicians !

“Power Pop” is a tougher category/genre and your other references were spot on... especially Todd Rundgren. Rundgren virtually invented the power chord when he produced/engineered The New York Dolls debut album.

Loved you dropping in Grand Funk Railroad big sounds with a power pop destination lingering in most tracks. Watching them live and hearing them play “An American Band” is quite a treat.

Most of all, your inclusion of Sutherland Brothers and Quiver is right up there with Roy Wood... ok, ok that’s a bit over the top on my part but still what a choice!!! Tim Renwick IS the most underrated guitarist (along with Prince) the second half of the 20th century. Renwick is also found playing rhythm guitar for The Pink Floyd on the performance “The Delicate Sound of Thunder”.

Your mentions of Cal Batchelor is sharp, he did so much for English bands who struggled to get a solid sound as he was prolific as a session musician. Didn’t know about Willie playing with The Pink Floyd” until now as I could see a drummer playing beside Mason.

Side note: I found Quiver’s first album at the same place I found my personal copy of Linc Mayorga’s album (after I sold it back in’76) while visiting Arizona a few weeks ago plus just last night we played a Sutherland Brothers and Quiver song since Carol (boss, wife, director, a person who is always correct and continually lets me know) wanted the library of music to be randomly played. I find synchronicity all over music but especially with The Pink Floyd.

I love your choice of music and the background you provide. After reading this I have greater respect for Eric Carmen.

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Nice! Listening to Carmen's early stuff right now. I can see the influence he had on later artists.

Also: my main exposure to him was probably from Dirty Dancing, so I wasn't exposed to his earlier stuff. I'm interested now.

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