Thank you for the kind words!

For anyone thinking about where to go on their summer vacation, Milwaukee (and WI in general) are worthy candidates. It's also close Door County, Green Bay (the tours of Lambeau are cool even if you're not a Packers fan), and even Chicago. To bring it back to music, Summerfest starts at the end of June, and there truly is something for everyone!

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I was trying to recall the connection between American Graffiti and Happy Days and came across this:



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The story about Maureen will be worth the price of admission. One of my childhood crushes!

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I wish I was around in my current role as a Scholarship Coach to help you during your long and storied college run! I could have saved you some money!

I grew up in the Happy Days sweet spot, where I watched every weekday in reruns and also enjoyed the new episodes in prime time. It's still one of my favorite shows, and I recently finished a full series re-watch (before MeTV removed it from their lineup).

I've never been to Milwaukee, so I've not seen the Fonz statue. But I have visited 2 other TV Land statues: The Andy Griffith monument in Mt. Airy, NC, and the Bob Newhart statue in Chicago. Both are well worth a visit.

Fun article today!

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