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A Life Worth Singing: Remembering The Musical Genius of Thom Bell (1943-2022)

Audio Autopsy: From 1963 Lou Christie to 1987 Bruce Springsteen--The "Two Faces" of "Two Faces Have I"

GROW BIGGER EARS #12: The "Audio Autopsy" Power Pop Playlist: 6 Different "Something About You" Songs

The Gospel Accordion to John & Paul: A Travelling Musician at 7, The Beatles Flipt My Script

🥳Happy 97th Birthday, Dick Van Dyke! A Celebration of the Master of Mirth and Melody!🎵

Open Thread!🎸Join Us Under the Covers with YOUR Fave Cover Song & Artist!🎹🎤

Inside Tracks #12: The Seven Covers of the Bowie/Bing Christmas Duet, "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy"🥁

Audio Autopsy, 1976: David Cassidy, "Gettin' It in the Street"-Beach Boys, America & Mick Ronson Influenced LP + the Unreleased "Then I'll Be Someone" by Carl Wilson/Tandyn Almer

David Bowie & Bing Crosby: Behind the Scenes of the "Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy" Christmas TV Duet, 1977

Inside Tracks #11: Todd Rundgren💖"Love is the Answer" with Utopia, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Rumer, Keni Burke, Gary Valenciano

ASTROS FLASHBACK, 2017: How Each Astros Player Spent His $439,000 World Series Bonus (20+ Photos!)

🥂Toasting Peanuts: A Charles Schulz Centennial Celebration!🎉

GROW BIGGER EARS #11: The "Audio Autopsy" Obsessive Power Pop Playlist Vol. 2-It's All About Wanting...More

Inside Tracks Guest Post by Steve Goldberg: "Monkey Man" by Stones, Toots/Maytals & Smithereens

DISCO REDUX!🕺The Philly Found & Forgotten Playlist: Classic Mid-'70s TSOP Disco Hits + Some That Missed

Audio Archaeology: The Birth of Disco Uncovered--"I'll Be Around" by The Spinners, Written by Thom Bell and Phil Hurtt

GROW BIGGER EARS #10:🐵Salute to Simians "Audio Autopsy" Power Pop Playlist

🏆Dusty Baker, Renaissance Champ: Houston Astros’ Skipper Moonlights As Vintner & Energy Innovator

Inside Tracks #10: Thom Bell & Phil Hurtt, "I'll Be Around" by Spinners, Hall & Oates, The Rippingtons feat. Jeffrey Osborne, Terri Wells, Regina Belle

CRECER OREJAS MÁS GRANDES #9: Éxitos en Inglés Cantados en Español por Artistas Originales! Kool & the Gang, Barry Manilow, El Capitan Y Tennille, Gipsy Kings

GROW BIGGER EARS #9: English Hits Sung in Spanish by Original Artists! Kool & The Gang, Barry Manilow, Captain & Tennille, Gipsy Kings

"Ballad of Dwight Fry"🤪by Alice Cooper, 1971💀Love it to Death LP

Horde Of The Rings: Houston Astros’ 2017 World Series Champ Bling Carries Story Of A Franchise

Inside Tracks #9: Tandyn Almer "Along Comes Mary" + The Association, R. Stevie Moore, Manhattan Transfer, 24-7 Spyz

Cuts, Both Ways #1: Balcony Weekend "Through," 2021 & Rick Springfield + Randy Crawford "Taxi Dancing," 1984

ASTROS FLASHBACK, June 2019: Outfielder Chas McCormick-Wall Flips, Shoulder Chips, And All That Chas

GROW BIGGER EARS #8: The ONE "Audio Autopsy" Power Pop Playlist

Toytown Psychedelia: Songwriter Tandyn Almer--Brian Wilson's Friend & Co-writer of 2 Beach Boys Songs + "Along Comes Mary"

GROW BIGGER EARS #7: The "Audio Autopsy" Salute to Boyfriends Power Pop Playlist

Audio Autopsy, 1968 & Beyond: Dreams of the Everyday Songwriter, Novelist, & Playwright: Chris Gantry

ASTROS FLASHBACK, May 2017: "Spoiler Alert: Astros To Fast-Track Class A Cuban 1B, Yordan Alvarez, 19"

Inside Tracks #8: Jack Lee "Hanging On the Telephone" with Covers by The Nerves, Blondie, Def Leppard, Jimmy Somerville

Inside Tracks #7: Glen Campbell w/Brian Wilson's "Guess I'm Dumb" 1964 + Covers by Wondermints 1996 & Jules Shear 2004

Inside Tracks #6: The Beach Boy & the Boy Choir, "Love and Mercy" 20 Yrs Apart: Brian Wilson 1988 & Libera 2008

GROW BIGGER EARS #6: The "Audio Autopsy" Suburban Cowboy Playlist: Wang Dang Sweet Tune Twang🎸

Eye For an Aye: The Nautical Log of Singer Diane Renay, Dated 1964--"Navy Blue" & "Kiss Me Sailor"

Inside Tracks #5: The Motors "Forget About You" + Covers by Leif Garrett & Claudja Barry, All 1978

Sticking to Script: Amid 1981 Cable TV Boom, Stephen Michael Schwartz Sings, Acts in "The Music Shoppe" Sitcom-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PT. 9

Audio Autopsy, 2011: Canada's These Kids Wear Crowns & Their Cover of Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

Brett Morgen's "Moonage Daydream": A Review of the David Bowie Music Doc by Steve Goldberg

Picture It--Beverly Hills, 1980: I Was Paddington Bear For a Day at Saks 5th Ave.

GROW BIGGER EARS #5: The "Audio Autopsy" Power Pop Playlist Goes Airborne

50 Years Later: Meeting Bonnie Raitt at the Beginning of Her Career, Backstage in Houston, 1972

The Crash of '79: Albums by Peter Frampton and Fleetwood Mac Sold Millions; Their Follow-ups Helped Crater the Record Biz

GROW BIGGER EARS #4: The "Audio Autopsy" Ocular Power Pop Playlist-A Sight For Sore Ears

Inside Tracks #4: Dave Edmunds "Girls Talk," 1979 + Covers by Songwriter Elvis Costello & Linda Ronstadt, 1980

GROW BIGGER EARS #3: The "Audio Autopsy" Obsessive Power Pop Playlist Vol. 1-It's All About the Wanting

Hunter Brown: Houston Astros Welcome Human Slingshot For Home Stretch

GROW BIGGER EARS #2: The "Audio Autopsy" September Gurls Power Pop Playlist

Inside Tracks #3: Ned Doheny "Get It Up For Love," 1976 + Covers by Stephen Michael Schwartz & Johnny Rivers (1974) & David Cassidy (1975)-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS

Singer Julie Budd Sheds Early "Barbra Streisand 2.0" Label To Fashion Enviable Career

Ed Asner As Huey Long, 1976: On Location With The Beloved Star In Baton Rouge, LA

GROW BIGGER EARS #1: The "Audio Autopsy" Playlist-Summer Power Pop

Setting the Stage: Stephen Michael Schwartz and The Mid-'70s Acting Class-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PT. 8

Schwartz Stories #5: "IF YOU'D SHUT UP...!" Stephen Michael Schwartz and the 1976 Dinner with Groucho Marx-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Inside Tracks #2: Tim Moore, "Rock and Roll Love Letter" + Covers by The Bay City Rollers (1976) & The Records (1979)

Hollywood's Prairie Songbird: Miss Ketty Lester and Her "Love Letters" from the "Little House"

Inside Tracks #1: Tim Moore, "Second Avenue" + Covers by Art Garfunkel (1974) & Colin Blunstone (2009)

Rhoads Scholar, 1980: My Friend Took Lessons From Guitarist Randy Rhoads

Audio Autopsy, 1966, Warner Bros. Records: The Pre-Teen Bantams, Rock's First Boy Band

Audio Autopsy, 1966 & 1976: The Left Banke & The Beckies: The Baroque Pop of Michael Brown

Houston ADstros? MLB's Uniform Wrinkle For 2023 Includes Ad Placement! The Astros Have Done It Before

Audio Autopsy, 1979: The Last, "L.A. Explosion!" LP on Bomp! Records: Anachronistic Power Pop

PODCAST: Louise Poynton, Author of "Cherish: David Cassidy, A Legacy of Love," Interviews Brad Kyle of FRONT ROW & BACKSTAGE

Orbit And The History Of The Houston Astros Mascots

Audio Autopsy, 1981: The Producers, "What's He Got?": Bubbling-Under Corporate Power Pop

Audio Autopsy, 2018: Roosevelt & The Airbrushed Synthpop of "Young Romance" Leads to Chic "Passion" of Nile Rodgers

POLL: Prince vs. Madonna, Who Ya Got?

Audio Autopsy, 2022: The Midnight & Their Classic, Melodic Love-Pop of "Heartbeat"

"Baseball's My Life": Ramones Guitarist, Johnny Ramone, Was All About Diamond Action

Beatle Royale: "Don't Bother Me" & "What Is Life"--Two Sides of the George Harrison Composition Coin

Power in the Darkness with Tom Robinson, 1978: From My Front Seat to The Stage

Astros' Popular JJ Matijevic: First- and Second-Hit Homers Just the Beginning

Audio Autopsy, 1980: David Valentine & R.A.F. LP, A&M Records: Chops to Woo Hit Radio, Who Couldn't Care Less

Stephen Michael Schwartz, Off the Clef #s 1 Thru 5, The Complete & Expanded Late '70s Songwriting Collabs! EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW + "Wendy When" SONG DEMO

The Houston Astrodome as Family Member, or "What's Judy Garland Doing on the Field?"

Yordan Alvarez For Josh Fields Trade With Dodgers Threatens To Eclipse Astros’ Jeff Bagwell/Boston Steal Of 1990

Audio Autopsy, 1975: Richard Orange and the Zuider Zee Debut Album, Columbia Records

"Please Stand By": Stephen Michael Schwartz & The 1978 Network TV Sitcom-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PT. 7

Rocket & The Guided Missiles: Astros Legend Roger Clemens Wins With 4 Ks – Kacy, Koby, Kory, & Detroit Tigers' Kody Clemens

Stephen Michael Schwartz, Off the Clef #5: The Late '70s Collab Sessions, "Only Everyday" w/Jay Asher, Sung by Clint Holmes SONG DEMO

Stephen Michael Schwartz, Off the Clef #4: The Late '70s Collab Sessions, "Right Foot, Left Foot" w/David Pomeranz SONG DEMO

Stephen Michael Schwartz, Off the Clef #3: The Late '70s Collab Sessions, "Light Years Away" w/Jeff Barry SONG DEMO

Audio Autopsy, 1989: Electronic, "Getting Away With It": Bad Timing or Simply Overshadowed?

Stephen Michael Schwartz, Off the Clef #2: The Late '70s Collab Sessions, "I've Just About Given Up Hope" w/Toni Stern SONG DEMO

Stephen Michael Schwartz, Off the Clef #1: The Late '70s Collab Sessions, "Walk Right Out On These Tears" w/Chris Montan SONG DEMO

Audio Autopsy, 1979: The Sty's The Limit With Dūrocs Album on Capitol (Scott Mathews, Ron Nagle)

Houston Astros' Jeremy Peña Clearing Flight Path For Landing Rookie of the Year Hardware

Audio Autopsy, 1994: Dodgy, "Staying Out for the Summer," "Good Enough"/A&M Records, UK

Schwartz Stories #4: Stephen Michael Schwartz and the Great Hollywood Rock Star BBQ of 1975

"The Best Music History Writing Online!"-Classic Rock, Prog, Pop, & Punk, 1960s to the Present!

Oy Vey! Der Mensch Tracht: After 1975 RCA Rebuff, Stephen Michael Schwartz Plots Next Career Move-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PT. 6

Salute To 42: The Unlikely Austin, Texas Intersection of Willie Wells, Jackie Robinson, & Rev. Downs

Schwartz Stories #3: Stephen Michael Schwartz and The Race For His Coveted 1923 Martin Guitar

Audio Autopsy, 1989, A&M Records: The Soul Perfection of Arthur Baker & The Backbeat Disciples, "Merge"

Salute To 42: Shortstop Willie Wells and His Texas Influence On Jackie Robinson

Musical Storm: The Stephen Michael Schwartz 2nd RCA Album Sessions-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PT. 5

What the Astros Do When You're Not Looking: Those Wacky H-E-B Grocery Store Ads/Videos

Schwartz Stories #2: Jackson, Joni & Stephen Michael Schwartz, 1972-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Trust, Money, & Guts, 1975: Recording The 2nd Stephen Michael Schwartz Album-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PT. 4

Cash'n'Carry: The Corporation That Is Carlos Correa, Inc.

Stephen Michael Schwartz Plans 1975 Tour; Enter David Foster-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PT. 3

Slogan Slug-Out: As the Astros "Level Up," We Look at All the Other 2022 MLB Team Slogans

"Level Up": Houston Astros Unveil New Team Slogan, Apparently Just For the H of It

Schwartz Stories #1: Viva Hilton! Stephen Michael Schwartz Meets RCA Label-Mate Elvis Presley, Las Vegas 1974-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Audio Autopsy, 1974: Stephen Michael Schwartz Debut RCA LP-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PT. 2

Career Chord Change: Stephen Michael Schwartz, From Pop-Rocker to Titan of Tot Tunes-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PT. 1

Schmoozing On Location With Ethan Hawke & Matthew McConaughey, "The Newton Boys"-1998

Days Of Dominance: The Houston Astros' 1986 Rotation of Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott, Bob Knepper, Jim DeShaies

Wholly "Toledo"! My Long Drive To Find the 1998 Elvis Costello/Burt Bacharach Classic

In a Houston Penthouse With David Cassidy: Doing The "Shrimp Shuffle" in 1975

Dynamism Defined: Canada's Chilliwack and Their 1981 "My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)" Single

Audio Autopsy, 1983: "They Don't Know" About Tracey Ullman's Brief Recording Career

Everlasting Glove: The Alex Bregman He Won’t Let You See

He Talks In Stereo, PART 2: Singer/Guitarist Gary Myrick Embraces His Texas Blues Muse-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

He Talks In Stereo, PART 1: Singer/Guitarist Gary Myrick Embraces His Texas Blues Muse-EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Sid, Johnny & Me: Live and Up Close With the Sex Pistols in San Antonio, 1978